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New York City / New Jersey FIRST Executive Advisory Board

Honorary Co-chairs:

Jack Hennessy
Chairman & CEO
Credit Suisse First Boston (retired)

Josh Weston
Honorary Chairman, ADP

John Whitehead

Chairman, Lower Manhattan Development Corporation
Chairman, The Goldman Sachs Foundation



Joel I. Klein
Chancellor, New York City Schools


Other Members

Dr. Robert A. Altenkirch
President, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Kevin Burke

Chairman, President & CEO, Con Edison, Inc.

Denis A. Bovin
Vice Chairman, Bear Stearns & Co.

Jerry M. Hultin
President, Polytechnic University

E. James Ferland
CEO & Chairman, Public Service Enterprise Group

Dr. Matthew Goldstein
Chancellor, City University of NY

Thomas S. Johnson
Director, North Fork Bank

Senator Bob Kerrey
President, New School University

Eugene R. McGrath
Chairman, President, & CEO
Con Edison, Inc. (retired)

Dr. Harold J. Raveche
President, Stevens Institute of Technology

Curt M. Selquist
Company Group Chairman, Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Gregory H. Williams
President, City College of New York

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