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“Building robots is fun but it is hardly the end goal. Robots are just a fascinating focal point for learning science and engineering skills. Robots must be designed, fabricated, programmed, coordinated and collaborated upon. There is brilliant strategy involved in these team competitions, and students learn from mentors about tools, design programs, project management, and especially, gracious professionalism and cooperation."
- Dan Dubno, CBS News

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FIRST is the most intense, spirit-filled, metal-on-metal event you have ever seen! All built, programmed, and tested by students, mentors, and engineers in just 6 short weeks! These robots are put to the test in 37 regionals and 1 Championship Event to prove just how robust and strategic they really are! Below is a collection of articles and various video footage about FIRST.

AHS Robotics Team Revels in New Season - Allentown High School builds friendships, partnerships and opportunities in their second FIRST season.

Amazing Things Happen - Compilation video of FIRST footage with interviews from founder Dean Kamen, Woodie Flowers and Sergey Brin, Google Founder

Building Robots Builds Scientists - Follow a Manhattan FIRST Team through Build Season and to the 2007 New York City Regional

Family First: Meet the True Transformers - CBS2 HD reports on New York City FRC Teams' presentation at the Sony Plaza Atrium

FIRST World Tube - FIRST's channel for media on YouTube

Putting Science Ahead of Entertainment, Sport - MSNBC Nightly News Segment with Brian Williams

Robotics Competition on NJN - Patrick Regan reports on the 2007 New Jersey Regional at the Sovereign Bank Arena

State Island 'Robotics' group goes for LEGO League Championship - Staten Island FIRST LEGO League Team uses their research project to help the Jacques Marchias Museum of Tibetan Art go green.

Students Compete in Robotics - Tom Bearden, NewsHour Correspondent, shares a story of a Colorado team at the 2005 Championship Event

Teens Use Tech, But Can They Make It? -'s "Digital Dan" Dubno explores how teenagers can regain the innovation initiative in building America's high-tech tomorrow.

You Are FIRST - 2007 Competition Opening Video

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