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“Science and engineering, and inventing and creating… are tremendously exhilarating. It’s lots of fun!”

- Dean Kamen, Founder, FIRST
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We live in an increasingly technology-driven, global society. FIRST (For Recognition and Inspiration in Science and Technology) engages, celebrates and inspires students as they discover that they can be successful in science and technology and contribute meaningfully to the nation’s technological enterprise.

FIRST engages kids in the creative “hands-on - minds-on” process of technological innovation.

New York City / New Jersey FIRST is a regional headquarters of the FIRST (For Recognition and Inspiration in Science and Technology) student robotics program and is based at New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, New Jersey.

The New York City /New Jersey FIRST regional program is growing, with 93 FIRST Robotics teams, 240 FIRST LEGO League teams and the launch of the new FIRST Tech Challenge underway. We also host a variety of team support activities that foster and support the development of the FIRST Robotics, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST LEGO League teams.

The competitions, tournaments, programs and activities of FIRST in New York City / New Jersey are made possible by the efforts of Planning Committees made up of dedicated volunteers who want to make a difference in kids lives

We are also grateful for the support and dedication of our sponsors.


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