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“FIRST alumni are making a successful transition to college and are much more likely to pursue their interests in science and technology.”

- Brandeis University Study



More than Robots:
First Inspires Students to Achieve and Lead

A study conducted by the Center for Youth and Communities at Brandeis University and funded by the Ford Foundation found that the FIRST Robotics Competition had a number of positive impacts for participating students.

The study surveyed FIRST participants primarily from urban and low income schools in New York City and the Detroit area and compared them to a group of students with similar backgrounds in high school math and science.

Major Findings

The study found that FIRST alumni are making a successful transition to college, and are much more likely to pursue their interests in science and technology. They are also much more likely to become involved in their communities.

Among respondents, 89% went onto college, compared to a national average of 65% (based on US Census data). The study also found that FIRST participants were:

  • Nearly twice as likely to major in science or engineering than the comparison students (55% vs. 28%)
  • More than three times as likely to major specifically in engineering (41% vs. 13%) than the comparison students, and they majored in engineering at roughly seven times the average among US college students overall.
  • Significantly more likely to aspire to a post-graduate degree -- Master's or higher (77% vs. 63%)
  • More than twice as likely to expect to have a science or technology-related career after college (45% vs. 20%)
  • More than twice as likely to have participated in some form of community service in the past year (71% vs. 30%)
  • Significantly more likely to think it was important to "be a leader in their community" (44% vs. 29%)

You can obtain a copy of the report.

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