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2008 FIRST LEGO League Challenge

Click here to register for the 2008 Season!

Embark on an exploration of the earth's climate in the FIRST LEGO League's 2008 Climate Connections Challenge! Discover the links between science, people, resources and communities. Unearth how we learn about past climates and delve into questions surrounding our current and future climatic conditions. Join FIRST LEGO League teams in creating a global game plan as they make these Climate Connections!

Whether the climate be cold, or whether the climate be hot
The climate is different all over
  What is it like in your spot?
In Climate Connections
Solutions and questions - of many dimensions
  Wait for FLL teams and robots!

The full Climate Connections Challenge will be released on September 5, 2008!

Click here to learn more about the Climate Connections Challenge!

 Local tournament information coming soon!  

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