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Workshops at the 2008 FRC Remote Kickoff at NJIT

The following workshops will be offered only at the NJIT kickoff event. They will be split into two sessions, the first from 12:15pm to 1:15pm and the second from 1:30pm to 2:30pm. Below is a brief summary of each workshop, and important documents related to each workshop. Please download/print these presentations and worksheets for use during the kickoff and during your build season.

Workshop A: Pneumatics
Presented by: Keith Elphick and Fred Heimall, The Knotts Company
This workshop will cover how to set up the design space, basic parts & components and assembly along with extension applications & troubleshooting options.

For more information on pneumatics, please visit

Workshop B: Programming the FIRST Controller

Presented by: Eric Cokeley and Dave Bostain, CB Thinkx LLC, Team 1089
Workshop B will hold both advanced and beginner seminars. The session will run for 3-hours, beginner first, followed by the more advanced session in the afternoon. Though there will be a 15-minute break between, teams are encouraged to bring lunch with them to the first presentation. Teams are not required to attend both sessions, but please be courteous and save room so every team has a chance to participate.

Seminar 1 will be an introduction to FRC hardware and software programming practices. The FRC hardware and software environment will be introduced and explored. Various resources will be discussed along with the tool chain. An example will be shown that utilizes the default design.

Seminar 2 will teach teams to "make sense of their sensors." The programmer will be introduced to the interpretation of sensor data. By using the interpreted data and operator controls we can give autonomous and human-controlling functionality to the robot. Programming examples will be shown that illustrate how to use the data effectively in autonomous mode and in operator controlled mode in the FRC environment. This seminar covers some advanced techniques and hardware features.

Presentation available online at
Other helpful information can be found at

Workshop C: Extruded Aluminum Structural Systems

Presented by: Mark Guida and Mark Howe, The Knotts Company

Describing the basics of 80/20 Extruded aluminum, including assembly, the different variants of profiles, fastening methods.

An Introduction to T-Slotted Fastening can be found at
More information on T-Slotted accessories available online at

Workshop D: Strategy 101

Presented by: Justin Stockman, Team 75

This workshop outlines how a team can analyze a game and possible design parameters. Information will also be presented regarding pit scouting, team analyzing and play by play strategy.

Click here to download your own copy of this presentation.

Workshop E: Rookie Workshop! Getting Organized and Game Brainstorming

Presented by: John Giardina, NJ FIRST Planning Committee, Johnson & Johnson
Experienced FRC coach and mentor will guide you through the 6-week build season in 1 short, fun-filled hour. I will share our experiences with team organization, basic chassis and transmission design, controls, and designing to solve a problem.

Click here to download your own copy of this presentation.

Workshop F: Awards
Presented by: Traci Gorky, Ethicon
Looking to learn more about the Awards and Judging Process?  Interested in the perspectives and insights of an official FIRST Judge.  Come learn how you can best position your team as an Award contender.

Please refer to the Awards Section of the 2008 manual for current information.

Workshop G: Autodesk Inventor "Quick Start"

Presented by: Mike Hong, Sean Krauss and Giulia Pantelone, Team 1676
Participants will learn how to extrude and refine parts, make assemblies, render, and create wiring and tubing. Animation of assemblies will also be covered. All workshop participants will receive a special bonus!

Click here to download your own copy of this presentation.

Workshop H: Testing and Integration, The Forgotten Sub-team

Presented by: Kevin Killian, Coach , Team 1676
Participants will learn how to coordinate the work of technical sub-teams, plan and execute testing scenarios, and create and keep production schedules. this is a very important part of the design and fabrication process that many teams forget to account for!

Click here to download your own copy of this presentation.
Click here to download your own copy of this presentation.

Workshop I: Getting Started with 3D Studio Max

Presented by: Jak Ritger, Nick Gutgarts and Anthony Rhonda, Team 1676
Participants in this workshop will learn how to create objects, apply animation and lighting, render, and export and create movies using a variety of video editing applications.

Click here to download your own copy of this presentation.

Workshop J: Fundraising

Presented by: Donald Bowers, NYC/NJ FIRST Co-Regional Director
Workshop will focus on the elements of a sustained FIRST Robotics Team fundraising campaign.  An open, interactive discussion will be conducted to help team plan and implement an effective, continuous, and successful effort to raise funds in support of each team's fundraising needs and goals.

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