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Continued from the July 2007 Newsletter...

Starting to get desperate, Chris Nalbone, a mentor working with the Redbirds, sent out an e-mail to the other FIRST teams the Redbirds would be competing against on Saturday, to see if by chance anyone had a spare motor they could bring with them to Montgomery High School, where Monty Madness would be taking place. In no time Chris got a response from Efrain Cruz, FIRST teacher-coach at John Adams High School in Queens, NY, FRC Team #1340. Efrain and his team were also looking forward to Saturday's competition.

Much to Chris's relief, Efrain said that Team #1340 had the motor needed to get the Redbirds back in operation. Chris asked Efrain if he would be kind enough to bring the part with him to Saturday's event so that repairs could be made in the morning before too many rounds went by. Instead, concerned that the Redbirds would miss out on matches, Efrain packed up the motor and had it over-nighted at his own expense to Chris in Allentown.

The Allentown Redbirds completed their repairs in time and both teams went on to compete against each other at Monty Madness that Saturday.

So there you are - yet another small, albeit significant example of FIRST "Gracious Professionalism" at work. Efrain - please know that Woody would have been proud.

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