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Continued from the July 2007 Newsletter...

Quoting from the exhibit's website (cont.):

Encompassing a broad set of modern social and economic concerns, these design innovations often support responsible, sustainable economic policy. They help, rather than exploit poorer economies; minimize environmental impact; increase social inclusion; improve healthcare at all levels; and advance the quality and accessibility of education. These designers' voices are passionate, and their points of view range widely on how best to address these important issues. Each object on display tells a story, and provides a window through which we can observe this expanding field. Design for the Other 90% demonstrates how design can be a dynamic force in saving and transforming lives, at home and around the world.

Some of the technological solutions exhibited include:

  • Q Drum - a rolling polyethylene container that lets users transport potable water in quantities too heavy to carry
  • Life Straw - a personal mobile water-purification tool is designed to turn any surface water into drinking water; and
  • Global Village Shelters - made from biodegradable laminated material, are low-cost temporary emergency shelters that can last up to eighteen months.

The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum is located on 91 st and Fifth Ave. in Manhattan.

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