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A Most Inspiring FIRST Volunteer!

Continued from the January 2008 Newsletter.

When asked about why she has been so supportive of FIRST Dora starts by talking about what she learned growing up in Corona, Queens. Growing up in a family that didn't have much meant that Dora learned some valuable lessons early in life. When her father, a mechanic, opened his own garage she had to go to work with him too. Not working wasn't an option.

In school Dora had a penchant for math and developed an interest in computers when she got to college. Eventually she ended up doing an internship at NASA. Since then she has worked in a variety of roles as a software designer with city agencies, IBM, and Goldman Sachs.

When asked about what she likes most about FIRST she says, "I really enjoy seeing the girls' teams and seeing families get involved." Dora almost gushes when she starts talking about FIRST LEGO League. "FLL is so much fun, and the kids get to see the results of their hard work."

She explains why she thinks its important to support FIRST, "Too many kids think they are going to play professional sports after high school. The next generation is going to have to figure out cures for diseases we don't even know about yet, and we need young people to get more involved in science related jobs."

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