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FIRST Team Runs Summer Camp for Middle-Schoolers

Continued from the July 2007 Newsletter...

Marotta Controls designs fluid control systems, components, and actuators designed specifically for the aerospace, military, space, and industrial markets. The company also has operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

According to Marotta, FIRST team members make great interns because they are already interested in engineering and motivated to learn more. The process begins during the FIRST build season when team members and Marotta staff work shoulder-to-shoulder in preparation for the season's competition. "That's where the real transfer of knowledge occurs," says Marotta, describing the benefits of the mentoring process.

"Over the years our approach to mentoring has evolved," he explains further. "We've learned that the adults shouldn't take over. You've got to empower the students - let them take ownership."

The experience FIRST provides students is very important explains Marotta. "Our country and companies like ours can compete if we remain innovative and deliver excellent quality. Highly skilled personnel are key."

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