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NJ FIRST LEGO League Championship Tournament

The New Jersey FIRST LEGO League Championship Tournament is a FIRST LEGO League Tournament that was held Saturday, December 9, 2006 at the Mount Olive High School Gymnasium. FLL events are world-class celebrations of middle school students (ages 9-14), engineers, and mentors creating and discovering tomorrow’s science and technology.

The 2006 tournament included forty-four FIRST LEGO League teams from New Jersey, a large growth from the original 12 teams five years ago. Over 30 judges challenged the students in various skills. The judges, from Jersey City Board Of Education, from New Jersey City University, from numerous FRC teams, and some local business executives created this group of scoring experts.

The energy of the room was incredible as the teams competed. The cheering from the fans in the stands encouraged each team to focus on their "game". At the end of each round, each student felt a sense of personal pride knowing that they had given their best effort in each round.

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