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New York City FIRST Development Committee

Michael Dubno
Development Committee Chairman
Partner / CTO, Goldman Sachs (retired)

Lawrence D.Ackman
Chairman, Ackman-Ziff Real Estate Group

Arthur S. Ainsberg
Founder, Ainsberg Associates

Mark Bezos
COO, EastWest Creative

Robert Blanch
Vice President, JPMorgan Private Bank

Robert Conklin
Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Brian Cosgrove
Director of Community Affairs, SIAC (retired)

Daniel Dubno
Producer and Technologist, CBS News

Esther Dyson
Technologist, Writer

Thomas Ferguson
Chief Technical Officer and Director
Cox and Company, Inc.

Gail Francolini
Vice President, American Express

Arlene Goldman

Gregory W. Harper
President, Cerberus Corporation.

Grace Hennessy
Friend of FIRST

Miguel Hennessy
Portfolio Manager, Capital Counsel LLC

Richard Katzman,
CEO, Kaz, Inc.

Abigail E. Laufer
Partner, Hanover Square Associates

Patricia Lunka
Vice President and Senior Banker
JPMorgan Private Bank

Ceci Neumann
Deputy General Counsel
Terex Corporation (retired)

David S. Rose
Managing Principle, RoseTech Ventures, LLC

Tami Rosen
Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Phyllis White-Thorne
Director Public Information, Con Edison

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