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2008 New York City FIRST Poster Contest

This year FRC teams attending the 2008 New York City FIRST Robotics Competition are invited to participate in the "Our FIRST Story" poster contest. Teams have one week to create a poster describing their FIRST story; a display of their FIRST experience, achievements, team events or school participation in FIRST. The poster will be displayed at the NYC regional venue and will be judged by their peers.

Theme: "Our FIRST Story"

Guidelines/ Restrictions:
. The entry may not be offensive to others.
. The content will be your team's imagination so give us your best stories.
. It will be reviewed by a committee volunteers before mounting.

Poster Format:
. Each entry should be 30 inches by 40 inches or smaller.
. The orientation can be portrait or landscape.
. Each poster must have their team number clearly visible.

Poster Material:
. We are recommending foam boards or poster (cardboard) boards.
. You can design and attach anything or any topic your team would like but remember it needs to be attached and mounted on a wall so allow some space on the edge for mount holes (about 1 inch) and the your attachments must be securely glued.
. Be concerned about the weight of the objects and the whole poster.

Team Entry Limits:
. Since we have 65 teams at our NYC Regional, we have room for 65 posters.
. Not all the teams are participating so we will ask teams to bring up to a maximum of TWO posters. If there are extra space the second poster will be added.

Contest Judging:
. The poster will be judged by other FRC teams at the NYC Regional.
. One vote per team will be allowed but the team voting can not vote for themselves.
. Voting sheets will be given to all teams with the rules and categories.Votes must be submitted by a team coach or mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

. Will posters be returned?
All Team Posters will be returned to their owners on Sunday.

. When will the voting for the posters take place?
Voting is on Friday evening, votes will be counted on Saturday.

. Where can we submit our poster for judging?
Teams may submit their posters at the registration table on Friday or later at the Pit Admin desk.

. Will the winners be announced or awarded?
The three top teams will be announced during closing ceremony on Saturday.

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