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Workshops at the 2008 FRC Remote Kickoff at MHS

The following workshops will be offered only at the Montgomery High School kickoff event. Below is a brief summary of each workshop. Be sure to check back after kickoff for downloadable presentations and worksheets for use during your build season.

Rookie Workshop
An introduction to what a rookie team needs to know for the long, arduous build season ahead.

Presenters will discuss how to properly wire an electrical panel according to FIRST safety rules and regulations.

Autodesk Inventor
This workshop will cover beginner use of Autodesk Inventor, including use of basic tools, and simple assembly.

Robotics Controller
Presenters will adress and teach the FIRST Robotic Controller, and give a basic understanding of how to use the FIRST RC.

M.E.R.I.T. (Mentoring Experienced Robotics in Transition)
Team 303 will discuss their program designed to support veteran and struggling teams to rebuild and continue to succeed in FIRST.

The fundraising workshop will be an open panel discussion on fundraising ideas

This workshop is an general overview of sensors used in the past and their applications.

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