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NYC/NJ FIRST Workshop Presentations & Resources

The following workshop presentations were offered at the NJIT remote kickoff and the NYC Polytechnic remote kickoff. Below is a brief summary of each workshop, and important documents related to each workshop. Please feel free to download/print these presentations for use during your build season. Check back frequently for more additions!

Workshop A: Pneumatics
Presented by: Keith Elphick and Fred Heimall, The Knotts Company, Brooklyn Tech
     High School Team #334

This workshop will cover how to set up the design space, basic parts & components and assembly along with extension applications & troubleshooting options.

Pneumatics and the FIRST Competition

Workshop B: Programming the FIRST Controller
Presented by: NJIT NFSA Noah Melamed, Eric Cokeley, Keith Hughes
In this session we will introduce the LabVIEW graphical programming environment, through several activities. We will use LabVIEW to create a simple algorithm. This workshop will cover the use of LabVIEW and USB DAQ as a data collection and analysis package focusing on the IFI RC and IFI OI modules.

Programming in RobotWorld

C Programming Workshop 2007

Programming Workshop 2007

Workshop C: Extruded Aluminum Structural Systems
Presented by: Mark Guida, The Knotts Company

This presentation will walk through the four stages of Robotic Engineering Process Flow: Requirements, System Design, Product Build & Test and Support. The presentation is designed to help the participant, introduce a System Design Practice for producing a competition robot, understand the criterion that goes into the design of a strategy, understand the criteria that goes into the design of a robot, understand the stages of System Design that take place in the six week building cycle, and derive and allocate requirements.

T-Slotted Fastening Introduction

T-Slotted Accessories Introduction

Workshop D: Scouting Teams and Rating Robots
Presented by: Amanda Albin, Lenny Haas , Justin Stockman, Team 75

This workshop will address the studying of other robots to discover the benefits, strategies, strengths, advantages, and weaknesses of every team and their robot.

Strategy 101

Workshop E: Rookie Workshop! Getting Organized and Game Brainstorming
Presented by: Jhon Giardina, NJ FIRST Planning Committee, Johnson & Johnson
Experienced FRC coaches and mentors will guide you through the 6-week build season in 9 short, fun-filled hours. We will share our experiences with team organization, basic chassis and transmission design, controls, and designing to solve a problem.

Workshop F: Awards
Presented by: Traci Gorky, Ethicon, Patrice English Young
This workshop will address the various awards in the FIRST Robotics Competition season. We will discuss what they are, what they mean, and how to win them. Most importantly, we will discuss how to successfully meet the various deadlines for submissions.

FIRST Judging Process

Workshop G: Autodesk Inventor "Quick Start"
Presented by: Thomas Fenstermacher, CAD Sub-team Leader, Team 1676
This workshop will cover how to set up the design space, basic tools, extrusions, and assembly along with surface applications, orthographic layout and printing options.

Workshop H: Sub-Team Integration
Presented by: Phil Paspalas, Team 1676 / Erick Chang, Team 75
Experienced FRC competitors will address and discuss numerous sub-teams on an FRC team, and the importance of keeping each team organized and working together.

A Helpful Guide for Other Teams

Workshop I: Autodesk 3D Studio Max Animation
Presented by: Nate Fong, Brandon Eberhardt
This workshop will give a basic introduction to 3D Studio Max as well as discuss its related award submission.

Workshop J: Sensors
Presented by: Sky Morehouse / More Engineers
This workshop will teach how to mount the camera module, and how to set up electrical wiring for the camera.

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