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2007-2008 FIRST Tech Challenge Announcement   (back to FTC)

Important! Read before registering!

In case you have not heard, we want to alert you to a very important matter that may impact your interest in participating in the 2007-08 FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC).

As announced back in June, there is a possibility that the platform used with FTC may change after the current 2007-08 season.

In other words, instead using the Vex Robotics kit, FTC may use a different (yet to be identified) robotics system for its 2008-09 FTC season. And yes, if a change is made, the possibility of using the both Vex kit and a new platform during a transitional period is being considered. But these decisions have not yet been made.

We want you to be aware of the possible change of platforms so that your decision to participate in FTC in 2007-08 is as informed as possible.

FIRST is very aware of the impact a platform change will have on those who have already spent, or are considering spending, money on the purchase of Vex kits for FTC.

We regret the uncertainly caused by the possibility of a change in the FTC platform, but want to assure you that any change will be made with the intent of establishing FTC as a viable and growing program capable of extending the FIRST experience to thousands of young people across the nation.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to share what we know. We will also be sure to inform you as soon as a decision is made by our headquarters staff in Manchester, NH.

Thank you,

Randy Schaeffer
Regional Director

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