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Volunteers, Sponsors and Team Mentors are changing the lives of youth across the country, shaping the future through participation in the FIRST Robotics Competition program.Through continued support and dedication to  FIRST programs as Committee Members, Partners, Team Mentors, Coaches, Team Parents and Event Volunteers, you make FIRST possible. We are grateful to the volunteers who give their time, talent and expertise to make each of the FLL, FTC and FRC events and FIRST Championship such huge successes.

We at New Jersey FIRST would like to recognize all of our volunteers and give them a public “Thank You!” Please submit a list of all your team's mentors so we can once again create a Wall of Recognition for everyone's hard work. We could not allow the 2007 season to come to an end without recognizing your outstanding efforts.

Recognize now! Please contact Michele Zubatkin and be sure to include your first and last name, your team number, and a list of all the mentors and supporters your team would ilke to recognize at the NJ Regional.

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