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September FTC Workshops

Important! Read before registering! FTC Platform Announcement

Repeating last year's success, our New Jersey FTC community-of-teams will conduct a one-day Workshop at The College of New Jersey on September 29, 2007. Particularly if you are a new FTC team, this workshop is for you! However, we have loaded the day with a sufficient number of forums and more advanced topics to make it worthwhile for veteran teams to participate.

We recommend that teachers, prospective coaches, and mentors come. Students are also welcome, and we'll have a good number again this year, but the Workshop is actually for you, the decision-maker and robotics team leaders (adults & key students). It's all free, and there is much to learn.

If you would like to join us, simply RSVP to Vincent.Frascella@baesystems .com. Questions are always welcome, as well.

Below, you can see the full set of topics that are covered. In the New Team Track (on the left), an overview of the program is provided, along with tips for getting started. There is also a hardware and software orientation being planned, along with an detailed review of this year's Challenge.

To download a copy of the schedule, please click here.

New Teams Track
Common Track
Veteran Teams Track
Start Time
Introduction - Agenda
Review of Last Year's FTC Community
30 minutes
Overview of FIRST & Programs
Veteran Team Forum - 2006 Tournament, Survey Review, Lessons Learned
45 minutes
Vex Kit Walkthrough (with website tour)
Sensor Applications - Using themto win!
45 minutes
Organizing Your New Team Forum
Programming - Square-Bot Sfw Challenge
60 minutes
Lunch Break
45 minutes
Demo on Tournament Field
FRC Program Start-Up Requirements & Advantages
30 minutes
Getting Started: Programming with easyC
Mechanical Design Tips, Techniques, and Pitfalls Avoidance
45 minutes
Marketing, Fundraising, 501C3 Registration
45 minutes
Review of This Year's Game
45 minutes
Tournament Preparation (including SfwShell Verf)
45 minutes
Judged Awards Reviewed
30 minutes
End of the Day
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