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New York City FRC Team Leadership Assembly

The New York City FRC Team Leadership Assembly will empower students to provide feedback on the competitions in which they compete, and provide the opportunity for students to participate in organization, planning, recruitment and retention. Students can offer first-hand feedback on the events, ideas or on how to make the events current and exciting.

Student Responsibilities
Students will work together on specific tasks, such as improving the regional, by discussing how to provide teams with a positive image of the event so they will want to return the following year(s), planning a possible social event for the regional, and discussing ways to invite schools without teams to the event.

Members will also plan events outside of the build/competition season to increase/maintain inter-team communication and relationships, develop new opportunities to increase student impact on the FIRST community, suggest new ways to increase alumni involvement with NJ FIRST, collaborate with other teams on common activities, and help with the creation of new off-season events.

Each student is required to attend at least half of the Saturday business meetings of the Leadership Assembly. In addition, students will volunteer and be responsible for various action items of the Assembly, as well as be a student liason between New York City FIRST and their team members and coaches.

Benefits of Participation
Students will receive opportunities to network with business leaders, governmental officials, and college and university representatives. The Assembly also provides participants with the opportunity to add another leadership role to include on resumes and college and scholarship applications. Each member will be recognized at the New York City FIRST Robotics Competition, and invited to participate in the annual Team Leadership Assembly luncheon.

How to Join

Note! All representatives should be designated by November 30th.

The student members of each FRC team in New York City will select one team member to be their team's student representative by any means they feel appropriate. Teams should select as their representative individuals who have the time, commitment, experience, knowledge, and skills needed to successfully fulfill the functions of the New York City FIRST Robotics Team Leadership Assembly. The teacher-coach of each team will notify New York City FIRST of their team's representative via e-mail.

Remember! We are only accepting applications for one student per team. It's up to you and your team to decide whom the best representative will be.

For more information, or to submit your representative, please email Thea Platt-Glasser at [email protected].

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